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Hair loss is no joke and it can at times be very frustrating for individuals who are experiencing this circumstance, as your hair is more than just hair to you it forms part of your identity. Practicing good hair care is especially important for individuals in their younger age, as hair loss at a young age can cause depression and a feeling of unhappiness in people. Pre-mature balding is not something that just happens without reason, many times people will find that it is a hereditary trait which causes them to loose their hair. Other time individuals will find that they are losing their hair dues to their lifestyles, which could include stress, diet and overall health.

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Hair loss tips to manage the problem

  • Take good care of your hair

A lot of people damage their hair as a result of styling, colouring and even washing and drying. If you are an individual who has a specific style and continues doing your hair in that style for years, then you will begin to notice that you are starting to lose your hair in areas either where your hair is folded over or pushed back.

  • Make sure you finish all prescribe medication courses

Regardless if you are on any form of medication that has a side effect of hair loss, it is recommended that you firstly speak to your Doctor about this, in order to inform them of the side effects you are experiencing. Generally hair loss is a common occurrence or side effect that occurs when using certain medication, and we recommend continuing your course until such time where it would be no longer necessary.

  • Hair loss is often temporary

It is important to remember that we will over time be faced with different challenges in life that will cause temporary hair loss. These include illnesses, diets, stress and child birth. During these and other times your body may react by resulting in the loss of hair. The biological term for this occurrence is called telogen effluvium, which is commonly known as the body’s natural way of sheading dramatic amounts of hair.

  • Speaking to a dermatologist

Hair loss can at times cause a big concern for many individuals, especially if it is happening at a rapid and/or unexpected pace. By visiting a dermatologist you will be able to find out why you are losing your hair and what you can do to fix or resolve the issue.

Because hair loss causes self-esteem and depression issues it is important for many individuals that they do everything in their power to keep their beautiful and natural hair.

If you are someone looking for a hair transplant, we at Incred Medical Finance offer medical financial loans for individuals who would love to have their beautiful long hair back, but who can not currently afford it.

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