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Happy New You

Happy New You

The new year represents and brings about fresh starts and new beginnings with people resolving to make changes in their lives, taking up healthy habits and ridding themselves of bad ones. The new year is a time of renewal, a time to commit to a happier, more confident lifestyle. For many, elective cosmetic surgery or elective cosmetic medical procedures can be a major step toward achieving strong self-confidence and the happiness that comes with being self-assured. Often a small lift, augmentation, tuck, or cosmetic dental procedure lies between an individual and complete self-confidence. These types of elective procedures, unfortunately, often come with a hefty price tag which is typically not covered by medical aid. If you are not on medical aid, if medical aid does not cover the procedure you want or need, or if you will be paying for a procedure in cash, Incred Medical Financing can help you afford a elective cosmetic surgery.

Without financing, doctors and clinics usually require payment upfront before providing patients with elective cosmetic surgery and procedure services. With a wide range of medical financing options available through Incred Medical Finance, you can afford to improve yourself now and pay later, while you enjoy the many benefits of your cosmetic procedure. At Incred Medical Finance, we assist clients by financing a variety of elective cosmetic medical procedures including but not limited to plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, cosmetic dentistry, non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and more. Medical financing makes these elective medical procedures affordable, and financially stress-free. Do not let a price tag keep you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Despite the high cost of cosmetic procedures, the diverse range of medical financial products we offer at Incred Medical Finance make these types of elective surgeries and improved self confidence attainable. Our financial analysts work with clients, assessing their financial positions, to design financial packages to fit each individual’s fiduciary needs. We offer financing at affordable rates and flexible repayment terms to meet the financial goals and budgets of all our clients.

This year, do not let a minor physical flaw stand between you and happiness. If you want to start the new year with a new and improved version of yourself, our financial experts at Incred Medical Finance will help you design a monthly payment plan and personalized financial structure to accommodate your individual financial needs while fulfilling your cosmetic aspirations.