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What is IVF and what are the IVF Processes

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF as it is commonly known, is the process whereby a females eggs are removed for the ovaries and physically mixed with a supplied sperm contribution. The process is done in a laboratory setting, in a glass culture dish (meaning – In Vitro) to simulate the natural process of inception.

The IVF process. Incred Medical Finance IVF


Nowadays, IVF is a commonly understood word. However not that long ago, was the notion of In Vitro Fertilization a mysterious way of conception. Test-tube babies was the general terminology used to describe this process of becoming pregnant. Although as time progressed people became more understanding of the processes and many people begun using the process after 1978 as a means to fall pregnant.

During the conception phase in In Virto Fertilization, an embryo begins to form, and is then placed back into the uterus. The idea is to allow a women to become pregnant, who struggle to do so naturally – due to scaring, abnormalities, fibroids and polyps. On one hand, this procedure is definitely an option for couples or individuals who are struggling to conceive a baby. But, on the other hand – this type of procedure can often become very expensive, and often we find that many couples are not financially secure enough to afford these procedures. A solution for this luckily, is that today many finance companies exist, which help in assisting couples with the costs associated with IVF. Incred Medical Finance, is an example of such. [IVF Finance]

Possible reasons for infertility

If you or your partner are considering IVF, and you where diagnosed with one of the following infertility problems. Then IVF may be able to work for you:

  • Low sperm count
  • Ovulation challenges
  • Antibody count
  • Weak sperm cells
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterus and fallopian tube damage or problems

How does the IVF process work?

The In Vitro Process is a treatment that takes place over two parts.  The first part commences on the first day of a women’s period, whereby the treatment begins. After that phase has been started, the second part begins. The women is instructed to begin hormone suppression and starts on day 22 of her cycle. At this point in time the embryo is transferred into the womens body, and it can take up to two weeks before you can determine if you are pregnant and if the procedure worked.

Below see the live birth and cancellation rates per IVF cycle by antral count, conducted in 2010 by the advanced fertility center of Chicago, for patients aged 35 -37.

In Vitro Fertilisation chart


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