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Cosmetic Dentistry finance – Dental Finance Provider

This branch of medicine focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions and disorders with regard to the teeth, gums and oral cavity. Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals specifically with the appearance of the teeth, however often also results in improvements of form and function.


Bridges are used to fill a gap where a tooth is missing. It constitutes a prosthetic tooth filling the gap supported by a bridge attached to the adjacent teeth or implants.


Crowns are used to restore a damaged tooth or are attached to implants with the objective of appearing like a natural tooth or restoring the tooth line while protecting the damaged tooth or gums in the process.


Bringing a whole new aspect to false teeth and removing the worries associated with problem teeth, implants are essentially prosthetic teeth roots for crowns, bridges or dentures to be attached to.


Veneers are the answer to immediate cosmetic dental correction. The concept is surface reconstruction on the front side of the teeth, making them appear exactly as desired while looking as natural as possible.

Wisdom teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is more than most times not optional and is necessary for health purposes. The procedure involves removal of the teeth known to be the last to emerge or grow out or more commonly known as the wisdom teeth which often become impacted.