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What are Crowns?

A crown is a dental restoration device used to cap, therefore restoring an existing tooth that is damaged. These caps can be made from a number of materials; however, the most popular is porcelain or ceramic which can be matched to the hue of the existing tooth or teeth. Crowns are an advantageous solution to restoring a tooth that is chipped or broken because the remaining partial tooth need not be extracted. Crowns may also be fitted to implants.

The Procedure

How is a crown fitted to a tooth? The tooth will need to be prepared to accommodate the crown in order to ensure a secure fit. From this prepared tooth, an impression can be withdrawn from which a dental technician can construct the permanent crown to be fitted. While the crown is being made a temporary cap will be provided to protect the tooth. The tooth preparation, impression and fitting will require more than one in-the-chair visit but is a fairly simple and popular procedure.

Should I do it?

If you feel self-conscious about that chipped tooth there is no longer a need to “just live with it.” Receiving a crown treatment is a painless and effective procedure that can give you a whole new look and perspective on yourself. Restore your confidence in showing a smile to be proud of, an easy and popular procedure to have.

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