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Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

This concept revolutionises what the perception of an “implant” is. Dental implants are a titanium apparatus surgically fitted to the jaw bone onto which a crown, denture or bridge is attached in order to resemble natural teeth. In other words, the implant resembles a natural tooth root and assists with the functions of various prostheses. Having implants provides a permanent solution to missing teeth by acting as an anchoring device for prosthetic teeth to be fitted to.

The Procedure

The procedure is comprised of the implant being placed into the jawbone with an attachment end protruding out of the gum. Obviously, for this fastening to the bone to become permanent, it will take time for the implant to heal into the mouth. Time expectancy of this may take anywhere from three to six months. Once the implant is securely bonded the various attachments may be fitted and a natural-looking smile can be shown off, so natural in fact that some patients report to forget about the implants altogether!

Should I do it?

To experience a permanent answer with no compromise, dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth. Implants provide a stable connection to any prosthetic device whether fixed (e.g. crowns) or removable (e.g. dentures) therefore removing the worry of shifting teeth while eating. So for the perfect smile and an improved eating lifestyle, think about this procedure.

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