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Artificial Insemination


Artificial Insemination

What is Artificial Insemination?

The struggle of infertility is a problem for many couples trying to conceive by means other than intercourse can improve these couple’s chances. The procedure of artificial insemination (AI) entails the manual placement of sperm in the reproductive tract of a woman after it is harvested and prepared. This procedure improves the chances of fertilization.

The Procedure

After the sperm has been prepared, it can be placed for fertilization in one of two ways: either via a catheter into the uterus or by means of a needleless syringe into the vagina. Your or your partner will more than likely be required to take medication in order to stimulate egg production and furthermore increase the chances of pregnancy. Your doctor will suggest the most appropriate method to conduct the AI procedure.

Should I do it?

Couples who were once incompatible are now given a better chance to conceive. A family is something no person should be deprived of, infertility can be a thing of the past.