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What are Dental Braces?

Dental braces (or orthodontics) are used to help straighten teeth and also to help with alignment of teeth in the mouth. The braces are positioned depending on the patient’s bite and can assist with many dental-related conditions such as under bites, overbites or even crooked teeth. Orthodontics is the application of light forces using fixed or removable appliances in order to move teeth to an ideal position. This achieves an improvement in aesthetics, function and importantly overall oral hygiene. This may provide the patient with healthy teeth and not to mention a broad, beautiful smile in the long term.

The Procedure

The patient is carefully examined by the approved orthodontist and various impressions and x-rays of the teeth are done to determine what the procedure will entail and require. All this is done in a consultation room which is in a safe, comfortable environment, especially if children are involved. The fixed appliances (brackets and/or bands) are fitted to the teeth by using sophisticated adhesives technology. This short procedure is followed by the insertion of wires and sometimes elastic bands which need to be regularly changed and adjusted by your orthodontist (roughly every 6 to 8 weeks).

Should I do it?

Braces are an extremely common procedure and have been given to children as young as seven years. This may be an opportunity to have straight, brilliant looking teeth that can give you a significant, positive outlook in every area of your lifestyle, both socially and at the work place.