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What is Hip Replacement?

Hip Replacement surgery is required to relieve pain in the hip because of joint damage or severe arthritis. It is a prosthetic joint that essentially replaces the damaged one, enabling the patient to no longer feel unnecessary pain when doing simple activities. Patient satisfaction usually means an increase in lifestyle enjoyment and a more confident athletic ability without the constant pain and limited movement of a hip that has been affected severely. It is a very common procedure and advancements in technology and prosthetics have yielded life changing results.

The Procedure

There are two types of surgery; the total hip replacement surgery consists of a prosthetic acetabulum cup and femoral head while the half hip replacement consists of just a prosthetic femoral head (the ball of the bone that fits into the joint socket). The patient is sedated, the hip is moved into position and the replacement of the femur and acetabulum cup begins with various incisions.

Should I do it?

This is a question about whether or not you, the patient, can live with the pain of a malfunctioning hip that is not only a danger to your everyday life but will continue to deteriorate your lifestyle. The benefits are life-long and you will more than likely have made the best investment, for your health and lifestyle. Don’t compromise your lifestyle just because of the costs involved. With this procedure not only are you getting satisfaction and peace of mind about your health but you are also unlocking many opportunities that life could not provide to you earlier because of your damaged joints.