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What is Shoulder Surgery?

The shoulder is a complicated piece of the human anatomy and can often be subjected to numerous injuries and other complications. The types of shoulder surgery vary, from dislocated shoulder operations to complex fracture repair procedures. Depending on your needs, shoulder surgery could mean the difference between having an easy, hassle free life or an utterly painful and difficult one.

The Procedure

In most cases, the surgeon will easily replace the main part of the shoulder (the glenohumeral joint) with a prosthetic implant. The operation takes a few hours, and the patient is required to not perform any strenuous activity once the operation is completed. In most cases, depending on the surgery being done, the patient can return to a normal lifestyle within about 4-6 weeks. Restriction of motion is vital after surgery to prevent damage to the joints after the procedure and ensure maximum healing is achieved. A surgeon will prevent further pain by replacing the cartilage under the joint. With the help of this surgery you can have a life that allows you freedom and to be pain free.

Should I do it?

If you are someone who understands what an active lifestyle means and what it means to be confident in one’s own ability than this procedure applies to you. Why live through the pain of a damaged shoulder when you can invest in yourself and get a fully operational shoulder that can be utilized to its full capacity. A quick recovery and an active lifestyle should be the top of your priority list. Why sacrifice your future days living in pain when a procedure can enable you to have a lifetime of adventure.