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Arm Reduction


Arm Reduction

What is arm reduction?

Are you ashamed of your arms? Once you have read through this, there will be no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed anymore. Arm reduction is a safe procedure in which the excess skin and fat under the upper arm is removed.

The Procedure

Any excess fat and skin underneath the upper arm is removed in order to create more of a shape under the arm as well as more comfort for you as you simply will not have any unnecessary skin under the arm. How this is achieved is by removing a narrow piece of skin on the inside of the arm as well as cutting some of the fat out. Because of where the skin is taken from, there are no visible marks as they are not in plain sight. If however, the procedure is to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, there will possibly be some scarring close to the elbow but the results make it worth it.

Should I do it?

If the fat or lose skin underneath your arms has always bothered you, then this specific procedure is for you. You can have the arms that you have always wanted and after the operation you can build up your confidence again. Can you imagine not having to worry about whether your arms are sagging or perhaps whether people notice your arms for the wrong reasons? If any of this applies to you, then arm reduction is a good choice and will give you the freedom you long for to wear what you want without feeling conscious about your arms.