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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

What is a Breast Lift?

Another name for this type of procedure is mastopexy. The reason that breasts start to sag as one gets older is because the Coopers ligaments that support the breasts lose elasticity. Simply put, the breast and nipple placement is slightly raised and the tissue and skin are firmed and toned in order to create a better shape and physical appearance. Ligaments as well as overlaying skin are shortened, thus achieving a lift.

The Procedure

It is important to understand how the procedure works before actually going ahead with it. This procedure will need to be performed by a surgeon therefore; you will need to be admitted into a hospital. The major cause of breast sagging is due to excess skin and supportive tissue. Scars will be around the areola -vertically down from the areola to the crease line of the breast and along the crease line on either side of the vertical scar. This will also assist in raising the specific position of the nipple. If perhaps there is a more advanced breast, lift procedure needed then the inside of the breast could possibly be re-structured and sutures will be placed in the breast in order to support it. It is advised to chat to your surgeon about the procedure that is best for you. This procedure should be done after completing your family.

Should I do it?

If you have had problems with sagging breasts and this makes you feel self conscious then this is something to consider?. If you continually think about your breasts, the way they look, how they feel or the supportive clothing or brassieres needed to support them, you may not have these thoughts again after this procedure. Imagine having firm, lifted breasts. This can give you so much confidence and you would not have to worry about buying push up bras in order to highlight your breasts. It is now possible to have young, lifted breasts no matter how old you may be or feel.

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