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Buttock implant


Buttock Implant

What is a Buttock Implant?

This procedure targets woman who are unhappy with their buttocks. Perhaps they feel that their buttock is too small and therefore want it to be bigger. It is common for woman to feel this way in the world nowadays with so many different types of woman who have different curves and shapes.

The Procedure

An incision is made just under the buttock crease (simply because this is an inconspicuous place) and then the doctor places a pocket into the slit. This pocket is the size that the patient has requested. The doctor’s job here is to ensure a fuller curved and symmetrical shape to the buttocks. It may hurt after the procedure but this is just until it heals properly.

Should I do it?

There are more pros than cons when it comes to buttock implant surgery. You have the opportunity to have the buttocks you always dreamed of having. You are able to have a full, firm buttock no matter what. Once the procedure is done, you are able to wear tight pants and they will look absolutely fabulous simply because you now have the buttock to fill them out and in the shape in which you wanted. You will never need to feel self conscious about  your buttock/s again.