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Chin implant


Chin Implant

What is a Chin Implant?

Chin implant surgery involves moulding the chin of the patient by means an implant piece constructed by the surgeon. The objective of chin augmentation is to manipulate and alter the facial structure to provide an improved balance of features and proportion. The implant can be constructed from bone which can be taken from the patient’s ribs or pelvis which is shaped as necessary by the surgeon.

What Procedure

The procedure done in theatre involves the removal of the donor bone and shaping of the implant as the surgeon works in order to achieve the outcome and desired look. The use of silicon or rigid plastic synthetic implants is also available to achieve the desired look. Due to the body having to accept and grow into the implants, the true effect of the surgery will only be seen after a few months but bandages may be removed after a week.

Should I do this?

The surgery is designed to give your face the dimensions you have always wanted and can be done in conjunction with other facial augmentations in order to achieve that look you always wanted. One theatre visit is necessary for multiple procedures and so should you wish to have more than one done, this is a great advantage. The surgery is considered minor and low risk. With the help of technology, your look can be previewed before the procedure using digital mapping.

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