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What is Ear Pinning?

Otoplasty, known more commonly as Ear Pinning, is the process of reshaping of the ears. This reshaping entails the maneuvering of the cartilage and skin at the back of the ear concealing the incisions and stitches from the procedure while improving the shape or structure of the ear.

The Procedure

This is normally done under general anesthetic. The surgeon will make various incisions while maintaining a healthy, comfortable environment for you. The surgeon then maneuvers the skin behind and in front of the ear, utilizing the cartilage layer. The procedure only takes about an hour depending on how much the surgeon needs to adjust and shape for you to have an ear that is worthy of who you are.

Should I do it?

In children and adults alike, protruding ears can be a source of embarrassment, and surgery is often a solution to the way people may see you, externally. Sometimes, your self esteem is the most important aspect in your life, and that first impression can often mean the difference between having the confidence to reach for your dreams or constant sensitivity about how you may look or how people may perceive you.  If you’re uncomfortable about the size of your ears, you should consider this procedure carefully for yourself.

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