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What is a Facelift?

Known by its medical term ‘rhytidectomy,’ a facelift tightens the skin on both the upper and lower parts of the face to reduce the signs of aging. A facelift is usually done in combination with a neck lift – see neck lift. The surgery is not gender-specific and patients that have undergone the surgery have tauter skin and a more youthful appearance.

The Procedure

The surgery takes place in theatre under a general anaesthetic and the necessary work is done via an incision in the hair line and around the ear. The surgeon will pull the skin slightly tighter across the face eliminating those obvious wrinkles and drooping or in other words, those signs of aging. The surgery only requires a one night stay in hospital for observation purposes and bandages can be removed within 24 hours of the procedure. Movement may be restricted for any time up to a week usually due to swelling.  Full sensation recovery will take place within only a few months.

Should I do it?

The facelift procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures undergone today as it does not require any supplementary items, such as implants etcetera. The facelift can almost be pictured as a tweak up or service versus an overhaul. If you want to retrieve those ten years you feel you missed out on then consider this option. There are different types of facelift procedures available and you should discuss these with your doctor in detail to find one that suits you.

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