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Lip implant


Lip implant

What are Lip Implants?

Lip implants is a surgery performed to enhance a person’s lips and give them fuller luscious lips. It adds shape and definition to lips that may lack either one or both of these features. This is achieved by using implants in the procedure, to lift flat, uneven lips. It is a common form of cosmetic surgery found in today’s society and is appealing to more and more women.

The Procedure

The procedure is carried out under anaesthestic in a medical theatre by a plastic surgeon. The procedure can take up to 30 minutes depending on the type of surgery the patient requires as there are several types of procedures and lip augmentation materials available. It all depends on the factors surrounding the patients needs, condition of health and medical history. You can have a private consultation with a medical expert to discuss the several types of lip implants you could choose from and ensure you understand the process.

Should I do it?

If you are unhappy with your lips and feel they are not shaped properly, are flat and don’t compliment your face, then lip implants may do wonders for you. You need to be in good health and not have any conditions such as oral herpes, scarring, or certain diseases such as diabetes, connective tissue disorders, lupus, or suffer with blood clotting problems. If you don’t have any of these ailments and you are considering surgery then you’re one step closer to having fuller more luscious lips.

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